Should-Ought-Had better

James loves chocolate, but he _________________ too much or he will get fat.

My mother isn't feeling well, so I told her that she _______________ to the doctor.

It's raining and I don't want to get my dress wet. I _________________ an umbrella.

I'm going to visit your country. Where _______________ if I want to go shopping?

The airline only allows two pieces of luggage. You _________________ pack too much or you will have to take it out at the airport!

I need help, doctor. My baby doesn't sleep well. What ____________ ?

I'm so hot.
You _________________ your coat!

-I think that the grade my teacher gave me on my test is wrong.
-Really? You ______________ to her after class today.

He __________study harder.

You ___________your grandparents more often.

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