¿Quienes somos?

Interlanguages World es una empresa del grupo CAMBRIDGE CENTER dedicada a la enseñanza de idiomas desde hace 15 años.Contamos con profesores titulados y especializados tanto en la enseñanza de inglés como de español.Cientos de alumnos pasan cada año por nuestras academias para realizar cursos presenciales u online con un índice de satisfacción muy elevado.

Can I make a private lesson always with the same teacher??

Of course, although it is possible that their agenda is more complicated to coordinate with your schedule. When making an application for a particular class, remember to put in comments, with which teacher do you want to have the class.

And can I cancel a private class?

Once you have sent the application for a private class, and the teacher has approved it to you, you are not allowed to call it off. You can always send us a message , but keep in mind that it is not always possible. Everything will depend on how early you are requesting the change.

How long in advance do I have to access the classroom?

You can access the classroom until half an hour before the start time. You can keep the classroom window minimized until you hear the teacher is connected. The audio will continue functioning.

Can I participate in class without a webcam?

Yes, you will, you can participate in class without webcam, although we highly recommend that participants use video.

Do users listen to me with echo?

In order not to have any echo problems in the classroom, is highly advisable that you use headphones when doing class. This should help you have a better audition from everyone. If you do not have any headphones available, be sure that the volume of your speakers is not too loud, since if it is too loud, the same audio that leaves your speakers goes back in the micro and that phenomenon difficults the well-functioning of the class.

How long is each class?

Group lessons start at a time specified on the schedule according to the level and last 55 minutes. Private classes,begin the schedule as agreed with the teacher and also last 55 minutes.

Is there any commitment to stay?

No, you do not. Can you unsubscribe at any time without any penalty.

Do I get any kind of level certificate?

Yes, you will. By remaining 12 months with us,after an individual assessment, we deliver for free a certificate that credits your level

Can request a certificate of attendance?

Yes you can. In group classes,you can apply from the third month. In private classes you can do it anytime.

How long does a course last?

That depends on the level you have to start and the level you want to reach,and the amount of hours per week that you usually attend. Generally though (and that is only orientative),,each level lasts 10 a 12 months.

Do you need to buy books or any other kind of material?

No, you do not. In no case. Whatever type of English online course you hire,You can download the necessary material for the class.

¿En qué se diferencia el curso de inglés o español online por videoconferencia de Interlanguages World con el resto de cursos similares?

La metodología para aprender inglés o español online por videoconferecia de Interlanguages World garantiza que el cien por ciento de las clases contratadas se realizarán con un profesor con el cual puedes interactuar,like you're in a traditional classroom class. WE DO NOT SELL PACKAGED COURSES IN WHICH THE STUDENT HAS TO DOWNLOAD VIDEOS AND PDFs AND STUDY ON ITS OWN WITHOUT A PERMANENT TEACHER GUIDE.

Will I receive a bill belonging to the hired class?

Yes, you will. When you register for the course,you must load the billing data and automatically you will receive in your email account a detailed copy of the invoice.-

How do I register / unsubscribe from the course?

Registering will only take a few minutes. It is only to fill the relevant application. Unsubscribing is even easier. You just have to click “to unsubscribe” you will not have to pay any penalty.

Do I have the chance to do a of a placement level test?

Yes, you will. Once you have hired the course, You have the option of adding “with no charge” a level test. The test consists in a personal interview with a teacher,of approximately 20/25 minutes, which will evaluate and advise on the level of the course you need.